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The only directions given by the military were general in nature for the requirements of the movements of the troops. On the march small groups of the scouts were out several miles on the flanks and in front, keeping occasional contacts with the main body.

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At night most of them came in, leaving a few of the scouts posted as lookouts. An Apache never wanted to be surprised, and all of their movements were based on that principle.

They approached ridges and high ground with extreme caution, peeking around, looking as far ahead as possible, using cover, and keeping exposure to the minimum. In a fight they did not believe in charging and battling against all odds, which was the quality of many of the Indians of the Plains.

Always they sought for an advantage over the foe, and retreated rather than expose themselves to gun fire. These characteristics made the Apache an invaluable scout in the field for operations with troops. Likewise it accounts for the fact that small numbers of hostile Apaches were able to thwart the efforts of the army in so many instances During my service in at Fort Apache the scouts wore cavalry issue clothing shoes and leggins, but some retained the wide car belt of their own construction and design.

An emblem U. The regulation emblem was crossed arrows on a disc with the initials U.

Apache Scouts - Arizona - 1873

At Fort Apache I had excellent relationships with Chicken. We hunted together for a few days on Willow Creek, branch of the Black River. The scouts successfully tracked the soldier. We apprehended him near the lower White River bridge, close to Tom Wanslee's trading store. In addition to those trips together, there were many other routine contacts at the fort. He, of course, did not handle the first sergeant's paperwork; that was done by white soldiers of the Quartermaster Detachment, but I always gave him the orders and other matters regarding the scouts for him to execute and pass along.

He was a good leader, and a highly respected man at the fort. During my tour of duty at Fort Apache in He could speak only Apache and did not even understand pidgin-English. He lived by himself in a tin shack on the scout row just outside the east gate of the post proper. Frequently in the evenings when riding my mount around the post, I stopped at his place for a visit. We would squat on the ground, smoke hand-rolled cigarettes, and gaze at the evening sky without a word between us.

Apache Scouts-Arizona

When I got up to leave, it is my recollection that we always shook hands. Here he opened a restaurant and served big meals for twenty-five cents. At that price many of the Indians ate there instead of purchasing more expensive food at the trader's store. Bones had a good trade but did not much more than break even. The old scout also kept a saddle horse and a good team. He exercised his horses by riding the saddle animal in front of the team hauling the wagon, using a lariat for a lead-line.

By this method the old Apache was again in the saddle instead of jolting along on the wagon seat with the pony tied behind. Thanks to all of the parent helpers who assisted with the walk. Prior to the event the team planned the route, marking checkpoints on their maps and selecting…. The Scouts worked towards their skills badge by having an evening of learning how to sew on a badge, iron their necker, change light bulbs, change a bike tyre and also how to clean toilets.

Welcome to Apache Scouts. Apache Scouts is a new troop based within Hessle Scout Group. Our email address is apache hesslescoutgroup. Working within their patrols and using different cooking methods, they worked together to plan, coordinate and cook a Christmas dinner for us all. Turkey, roast potatoes, sausages and bacon, stuffing, carrots and Yorkshire puddings as well as gravy was on the menu, there was even room for pudding…. Skip to content.

Apache Scout

We had a circus theme for the weekend and learnt circus skills, made a circus ring, decorated t-shirts to wear whilst performing and had fun on an inflatable assault course… Read More. As well as activities similar to the cub competition yesterday, they have had to camp without leaders all weekend, cooking and caring for themselves and their equipment, as well as completing challenges such as archery, making tin can burners,… Read More.

Whether you walked the route, cut the grass, prepared the food, cooked the food, or even just ate it, helped with road crossings, put the tables and chairs out or away, led the singing… Read More. The team of five were fantastic… Read More.

With over young people plus… Read More. Well… Read More.

Apache scouts out more drilling locations in Alpine High - Houston Chronicle

This will be distributed to the… Read More. O'Sullivan, T. Skip to main content. Zoom in Zoom out Rotate right Fit screen Full expand. Summary Photograph showing two Apache scouts by the lake.

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Expedition photographs Landscape photographs New York : Dover Publications, Inc. Medium 1 photographic print : albumen. Rights Advisory No known restrictions on publication.

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