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The page is up The section of the biography about Shatner's Post-Star Trek career sounds melodramatic. If the only source for this information is the Shatner himself, this information should be prefaced with "claimed". I doubt he was forced to live in poverty as implied do we know how long he lived in the trailer and during what time period his credits are quite respectible during the gap Star Trek: The Motion Picture Admiral James T.

Stuart Peters Riel TV The Barker Crash TV Carl Tobias Munro Maclean Land of No Return Curt Benell Paul Revere Harrison "The Oregon Trail" 2 episodes, Kingdom of the Spiders Adrian Ferrier A Whale of a Tale Jack Fredericks Steve Monroe Jeff Cable 13 episodes, The Devil's Rain Jeff Cable "The Rookies" Luke Harris 1 episode, The Tenth Level TV Stephen Turner "Police Woman" Mark Ciprio 1 episode, Impulse Matt Stone Big Bad Mama William J.

Baxter "Ironside" Pray for the Wildcats TV Warren Summerfield "Star Trek" Captain James T.

Kirk 16 episodes, Indict and Convict TV John Sergeant Simon Locke" Joe Flatt 1 episode, The Horror at 37, Feet TV Paul Kovalik "Barnaby Jones" Go Ask Alice TV Deaver G. Richard Burrell 1 episode, The Hound of the Baskervilles TV George Stapleton Curtis "Cade's County" Jack Pilgrim 1 episode, District Attorney Dave Blankenship Vanished TV Dave Paulick "The Name of the Game" John Adams Chipman "Medical Center" Eli Neily 1 episode, Sole Survivor TV Josef Gronke —Preceding unsigned comment added by Didn't his wife die under mysterious circumstances?

I can't find anything about this in the article. I added something about this, and it was taken away It's too big a part of his biography not to discuss it. Weren't Shatner and his wife separated at the time of her death and heading for divorce? Does anyone know more about this? Perhaps the word separated or estranged should be mentioned somewhere? I think something should be included about his cover of Rocket Man by Elton John. There's more information about it here: Rocket Man.

Did anyone else notice that in his cover I'm claiming it's "Tiberius. Some of the things listed as facts are less facts about William Shatner and more about how William Shatner is reflected in popular culture. To differentiate, I've created a new section. I've also cleaned up several of the facts to sound a bit more authoratative.

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The line "Everyone's a Captain Kirk" would appear to be more appropriate for the Captain Kirk entry, rather than for Shatner, hence its omission. Did William Shatner have more than a Bachelors Degree and also, what degree was it? Amlder20 , 24 September UTC.

It was a B. Well, I've just compiled the page on that topic and watched the whole thing and don't remember such a quote even close to it. I might have to go through the documentary again and delete the quote if warranted. Someone needs to add in information about hosting this new game show that will premier on November 22 a preview show was on this past Tuesday night at on ABC. It is brilliant and not included in the list of TV appearances. Can someone clarify in the article what year "that same year" is supposed to mean? Heatherfire , 4 December UTC. Does anyone have more information to add about Shatner's literary works?

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Apart from mentioning it in the biography part, information on the subject appears to be lacking. If it was "not felt to be very important" why did Shatner "deliberately ruin the take" and "force the real kiss to be used"? In the section titled "Early stage, film, and television work", the entire first paragraph is one large run-on sentence. In addition to being long, it includes the bizarre statement that students were "startled to see pictures I would fix it myself, but I have no idea what the intent was. Roachmeister , 1 June UTC. Isn't he an avid paintball fan?

Doesn't anybody have a better photo they're willing to submit? The current one is awkward in many ways. The Milwaukee Ballet recently made a ballet set to Shatner's last album.

Wil Wheaton performing "William F*cking Shatner" with Paul and Storm

It was choreographed by Margo Sappington of OH! I think Shatner is making a film about the project. Seems noteworthy, could this be added to his article? I think it needs some sort of backstory - no where on the net can I find info about this. Come on peeps!


This section doesn't seem to serve much purpose - the only other actor mentioned is Leonard Nimoy, and the current rendition doesn't talk about Shatner's relationship with him, only the things they have in common. I think it should be deleted Surfeited , 19 August UTC. Nimoy and Shatner are both vegetarians. The two men also both suffered from chronic tinnitus after getting too close to an exploding special effect while working on Star Trek in the episode " Arena. I don't think the fact that William Shatner didn't do something ie. There are many other things that he hasn't done.

We don't even mention those in the article, let alone the lead. Sancho , 27 October UTC. Also, I believe the piece about not being offered a role in the new Star Trek movie isn't important enough be in the lead, but should be under the Star Trek career. I've created the Malay article on William Shatner , which is currently in need of full translation to Malay , and this article needs to be inserted with [[ms:William Shatner]] at the bottom of the page. Recently, Mr. Shatner has appeared in a TV commercial featuring Blizzards popular World of Warcraft video game as a character representaion.

Could this be included as Pop Culture appearances? I am curious to know what the source of this information is. Information, anyone? I took a stab at some style edits for the Leonard Nimoy paragraph of this article, but the whole section reads like a bad regurgitation of a People magazine article. There are no citations for any of the claims or quotes from Nimoy, and the writing itself is decidedly in a gushy gossip column tone. I do think it's worthwhile to have a section on the relationship between Nimoy and Shatner, since they are by far the most popular and famous actors of the original series.

But the section as it stands -- in stark contrast to the rest of this entry, which is pretty well-written and documented -- is awful both as a piece of writing, and as NPOV encyclopedic entry. Okay, am I crazy, or did I see, probably in the mids, something with Miss Piggy I think on a plane, where she looks out the window, and parodying Shatner's Twilight Zone appearance spots the gremlin on the plane's wing Anyway, anyone else have a clue what I'm talking about, or have I gone totally off the deep end? It's already been mentioned that some of the areas in this article need cleanup and better sources.

An interview with Shatner was drawn to my attention today, and seems like a decent source for this article:. May Interview with Shatner in Daily Telegraph. I encourage other people to add more here in the talk page. Some of these might wind up as external links for the article, but they are also useful as sources for editors of the article. It is absent from the article. I don't know if it is a good book but it seems to have won reasonable reviews. Might the Robot Chicken "Shatner's Toupee" sketch count as a pop-culture entry?

Not to mention some of the other sketches he's depicted in Didn't Shatner and the rest of the original Trek crew lend their voices to a Futurama episode?

Linden Chris Murphy

I may be mistaken, but if so, why is it not listed in his Television [filmography] section? Goulash talk , 18 August UTC. How was he classically trained as a Shakespean actor? Every bio seems to skip this passage. He took a commerce degree in and was suddenly performing in the Stratford Festival.

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When and where did he learn his craft? Continued from Archive 1 here The question is whether there should be a mention in the article somewhere about the debate over Mr. Shatner's alleged wearing of a toupee. Justification for inclusion is that Mr. Shatner himself raised the debate in his humorously written autobiography. In fact he chose the word "toupee" to be the very last word in the book.

Mysteries simply are a feast for an active mind. And while in my lifetime I've seen science make extraordinary inroads into solving the most complex questions of life, after all this time I admit that I am thrilled that there are some things that forever will remain a mystery. For example, do I wear a toupee? Here is an eyewitness quote from an actress who appeared on Star Trek. The magazine as I write this is available at Books-A-Million bookstores. The publisher also has a website at videoscopemag.

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When I walked into the makeup room, I didn't recognize him because he was almost totally bald! They were putting on his toupee when I walked in. He didn't say anything about it, although I don't think eveyone knew, including me. I propose that we take some time and gather some additional cited sources to support a line or two in the article about this. The Video Scope article runs additional pages. I will update that tomorrow.