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They were officially annexed by Ecuador on February 12, The main industry is tourism, and , visitors flock here each year to marvel at the blue-footed boobies, marine iguanas, tame sea lions, and giant tortoises. Recent fears that the growth of tourist infrastructure on the main islands of San Cristobal, Santa Cruz, Floreana, and Isabela, including the growing number of cars, is having an increasingly negative impact on the wildlife have prompted measures aimed at regulating the numbers.

Most tourists still choose to visit the islands on cruise boats, which maximizes the number of islands and dive sites that can be seen.

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Despite its position on the Equator, Ecuador does not have typically tropical weather throughout the country as the climate depends on altitude. In the Sierra, the intermontane valleys enjoy a year-round spring, while in high mountain villages nights can dip below freezing. The coast is hot, and the jungles of Oriente are hot and humid. Rainfall depends on the season. The dry season temporada seca is also known as verano summer and the rainy season temporada de lluvia is also known as invierno winter.

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However, seasonal variations in rainfall depend on the region. In the Sierra, the rainy season generally runs from October to April. However, the weather is never predictable and citizens of the Sierra say you can experience four seasons in one day in the mountains. Even in the dry season you should pack for the occasional shower or cold spell. In the rainforests of the Oriente, high rainfall and humidity are the norm and there is little change in temperature throughout the year, although nights can get very cool.

The rainy season is generally from April to September, but it can rain on any day.

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The coastal area around Guayaquil can be very hot and humid in the rainy season from December to May. In the warm, wetter season from January to June there is very little rainfall on the low-lying coasts, and sunshine and blue skies are typical. Ecuador provided the world with some major scientific breakthroughs in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, one of which gave the country its name.

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  • In , the French Geodesic Mission set out for South America to find out if the Earth was round, or if it bulged out at the middle like a squashed ball—a theory put forward by the great English physicist Sir Isaac Newton — Led by the French mathematician and naturalist Charles Marie de La Condamine —74 , the mission planned to measure degrees of latitude on the Equator and compare them to measurements from Europe and the Arctic. The expedition was planned for three years, but took nearly ten.

    Their discovery led to the production of the first accurate maps. Inspired by the French expedition, the Prussian naturalist and explorer Alexander von Humboldt — arrived in Quito in following a trip that took him from Venezuela through Colombia. A keen geologist and climber, he attempted to reach the snow-capped summit of Chimborazo, but only reached 19, feet 5, m before becoming affected by altitude sickness, which he correctly guessed was linked to oxygen deficiency. Passionately interested in the social conditions of the people he encountered on his travels, Humboldt marveled that Ecuadorians sleep peacefully amid smoking volcanoes, live in poverty atop riches, and are made happy by sad music.

    Chimborazo remained unconquered until the British climber Edward Whymper made it to the top in He was immediately struck by the tameness of the local wildlife, and during the five weeks he studied the archipelago he noted differences between the plants and animals on islands so close to each other.

    South Africa has com.. Greece - Culture Smart! When you enter Greece's mountainous peninsula, with its long coastline and unique archipelago, you are returning to the cradle of Western civilization. And while the ancient Greeks fashioned our political, ethical, aesthetic, and scientific values, their descendants down the ages have continued to set trends and shape world events.

    The Greek character is a product of the landscape. Surrounded by sea on three sides, the physical features of the land forged the pronounced individuality and strong local patriotism of the warring city-states of antiquity. Their shared history and language formed the basis of a powerful world culture. Today it is coming to terms with.. Singapore - Culture Smart! Singapore is a land of immigrants.

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    Although the Chinese are by far the largest ethnic group, it is more of a salad bowl than a melting pot--although a common identity has emerged since independence in With no natural resources, the newly independent state invested in education and trade, and today this sleek, air-conditioned nation is a global financial center that makes much of the West seem third-rate. Singaporeans are hardworking, goal-oriented individuals--modern individuals who love color, shopping, and are proud of being high-maintenance and competitive. Yet behind this consumerist fa ade is a deep respect for family and hierarchy, political passivit..

    Sri Lanka - Culture Smart! Known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean, this resource-rich, lovely island just off the southern tip of India is full of contrast and diversity. Despite the lingering tension between the different religious and ethnic groups in the wake of a bloody civil war, and the glaring inequality between the wealthy elite and rural villagers, all Sri Lankans share a great respect for family, home, and friendship, and pride in their beautiful country.

    In return, politeness, respect, and a genuine attempt to understand their culture, and acceptance of their relaxed pace of life, are key to gaining their acceptance. Whether visiting for business or for pleasure, Culture Smart.. Uae - Culture Smart! Full of people who aim to combine the ancient and the modern, the UAE is an extremely rewarding place to visit. Set on the southeastern coast of the Arabian Gulf, the country was once a poor desert land, a confederation of tribal sheikhdoms on the periphery of the Arab world, subsisting on pearl diving and fishing. It was a British protectorate until independence in , after which seven of the sheikhdoms united to form a federation, the UAE.

    The discovery of oil in the s transformed the country's fortunes, and the UAE today is a land of contrasts--embracing skyscrapers, high-tech communications, and luxury hotels, while conservative values and religion re.. For many outsiders Thailand still conjures up images of the East at its most mysterious and enchanting - a view largely formed by Hollywood films like The King and. Never conquered by foreigners, this proud and ancient land has been shaped by Buddhism, the monarchy, and the military.

    Today it is a representative democracy with a populist female prime minister, and is ranked among the tiger economies of Southeast Asia. It is a manufacturing powerhouse, the world's largest rice exporter, and a tourist paradise that welcomes 22 million visitors a year to its beach resorts and its vibrant capital, Bangkok. Yet despite the veneer of Western modernity, the country and.. France - Culture Smart! France has experienced considerable upheaval in recent years. The Eurozone crisis, a new socialist president, rioting by an alienated underclass, a ban on the burqa full veil in public places, and an attempt to democratize the elite system of education all point to significant changes in French society.

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    At the same time leading French companies are major investors in European energy resources, services, and luxury products, and between three and four hundred thousand French people live in Britain, making London, as former President Sarkozy stated, France's fifth- or sixth-largest city. The implications of these changes have not yet fully permeated French socie..

    Spain - Culture Smart! For many, Spain conjures up images of rapacious conquistadors, the unworldly Don Quixote, brave bullfighters, fiery flamenco dancers, and brilliant artists. All true enough--but how does the reality conform to these stereotypes? The Spanish people are certainly distinctive.

    Visitors are often astounded by their vitality, entranced by their friendliness, and driven mad by their frequent indulgence of their friends and relatives. They tend to be proud, passionate, spontaneous, generous, and loyal; they can also be procrastinators, individualistic to a fault, suspicious, and, not least, very noisy Spain has had a major impact on European and world history.

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    Tanzania - Culture Smart! Culture Smart provides essential information on attitudes, beliefs and behavior in different countries, ensuring that you arrive at your destination aware of basic manners, common courtesies, and sensitive issues. These concise guides tell you what to expect, how to behave, and how to establish a rapport with your hosts. This inside knowledge will enable you to steer clear of embarrassing gaffes and mistakes, feel confident in unfamiliar situations, and develop trust, friendships, and successful business relationships.

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