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Catholic descendants — which was a problem for Parliament, but not for this project. Charlemagne was followed by Louis I the Pious. Of these three, only the line of Charles the Bald lasted more than three more generations. Charles had two daughters, the eldest of whom was Ermengarde , who married Albert, Count of Namur in modern-day southern Belgium.

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Anne married William, Margrave of Thuringia. They had two daughters, the elder being Margaret of Thuringia. So, one of the most direct lines of descent from old Charles the Great is right down to Kaiser Wilhelm himself. Berengar II was followed by his son Adalbert. His son Frederick II had bad genetic luck, with many of his children and grandchildren dying young; the death of his son Conrad IV would lead to two decades of interregnum and disputed rule before the next undisputed Holy Roman Emperor emerged. Her son was Frederick I , Margrave of Meissen r.

EXCLUSIVE: The Descendants Of Frederick Douglass Are Still Carrying His Abolitionist Spirit

And now, history nerds might see where this is going. The first, Ernest II, died at age 75 with no children, and his heirs were the children of his brother, Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. So, here we get to yet another royal family, and this time it is the reigning monarchs of the UK, not the pretenders.

Just as the Hohenzollern family was the most direct line of descent from Charles the Bald, the Windsor family is the most direct line of descent from Berengar.

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The oldest son of Charlemagne to have children was Pepin of Italy whose birth name was Carloman, because these things have to be confusing , who was given the Kingship of Lombardy under the authority of his father. Pepin also had a daughter, Adelaide, but it appears her line was extinct within 6 generations.

Bernard — as Carolingians tended to do — eventually rebelled against Emperor Louis the Pious his uncle , and lost his kingship, his eyes, and his life. Adelaide married a younger son of the French king and had several children, including her son and heir Ralph; Ralph had three children…but no grandchildren. It can tell me a lot about daughter number three: Elizabeth of Vermandois. Elizabeth was married first to a Norman nobleman 40 years her senior — Robert de Beaumont, who had recently been made Earl of Leicester, having helped conquer England with William the Conqueror. The de Courtenays were pretty well devastated during the Wars of the Roses.

If geni. I tried finding information about Sir Rufus online, assuming he was some prominent member of British society, and I kept coming up empty. I must say, I was not expecting my research to end up here. But after finding claimants from the Houses of Wittelsbach, Hohenzollern, and Windsor, I must say that I am pleasantly surprised.

Atheist and gay, Frederick the Great was more radical than most leaders today | The Spectator

In the following year he saw active military service for the first time under the great Austrian commander Eugene of Savoy against the French army in the Rhineland. In the later s, in semiretirement in the castle of Rheinsberg near Berlin and able for the first time to give free rein to his own tastes, he read voraciously, absorbing the ideas on government and international relations that were to guide him throughout his life.

These years were perhaps the happiest that Frederick ever experienced. However, his relations with his father, though somewhat improved, remained strained. Frederick William I died on May 31, , and Frederick, on his accession, immediately made it clear to his ministers that he alone would decide policy.

source site The Holy Roman emperor Charles VI , of the Austrian house of Habsburg , died on October 20, leaving as his heir a daughter, the archduchess Maria Theresa , whose claims to several of the heterogeneous Habsburg territories were certain to be disputed. Moreover, her army was in a poor state, the financial position of the Habsburg government very difficult, and her ministers mediocre and in many cases old. Frederick, however, thanks to his father, had a fine army and ample funds at his disposal.

The most important threat to his plans was Russian support for Maria Theresa, which he hoped to avert by judicious bribery in St. Petersburg and by exploiting the confusion that was likely to follow the imminent death of the empress Anna. He also hoped that Maria Theresa would cede most of Silesia in return for a promise of Prussian support against her other enemies, but her refusal to do so made war inevitable.

However, the Habsburg successes against the French and Bavarians that followed so alarmed Frederick that early in he invaded Moravia, the region south of Silesia, which was under Austrian rule.

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His rather incomplete victory at Chotusitz in May nonetheless forced Maria Theresa to cede almost all of Silesia by the Treaty of Berlin of in July. Frederick, again alarmed by this, invaded Bohemia in August and rapidly overran it. However, by the end of the year lack of French support and threats to his lines of communication had forced him to retreat. He was rescued from this threatening situation by the prowess of his army; victories at Hohenfriedberg in June and at Soor in September were followed by a Prussian invasion of Saxony.

The Treaty of Dresden , signed on December 25, , finally established Prussian rule in Silesia and ended for the time being the complex series of struggles that had begun five years earlier.

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Silesia was a valuable acquisition, being more developed economically than any other major part of the Hohenzollern dominions. Moreover, military victory had now made Prussia at least a semigreat power and marked Frederick as the most successful ruler in Europe. Princess Margaret of Connaught. Retrieved 26 June Retrieved 4 January Royal Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Archived from the original on 5 June Retrieved 2 April Financial Times Magazine. Retrieved 14 September Retrieved on 14 September People's Daily 25 June Archived from the original on 27 April Retrieved 7 June Archived from the original on 19 July Archived from the original on 28 September Retrieved 28 November Archived from the original on 19 March Archived from the original on 27 September Archived from the original on 10 August Retrieved 21 May DR in Danish.

The Royal Family. Kronprinsparret — Ekspedition Sirius ".

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Archived from the original on 27 August Dagbladet Information. Official website of the Danish Monarchy. Archived from the original on 26 March Retrieved 3 April Danish princes. The generations are numbered from the implementation of hereditary monarchy by Frederick III in King Frederick V [1].

The king at war with Denmark

Current heirs of sovereign monarchies. None elected Lerotholi Seeiso Moulay Hassan. See also: Current monarchs of sovereign states. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history.