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Examples from the Web for immortals "There is no stiffness about the immortals ," laughed the Sun-god. The Enchanted Castle E. The Gorgeous Isle Gertrude Atherton.

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Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio vol. II of 2 Songling Pu. Aphrodite, the golden goddess of Love; born of the blood of Ouranos the Heavens and the foam of the sea.

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Aphrodite, Venus. Apollon, the son of Zeus and Leto; the brother of Artemis.

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Athene, the goddess of Wisdom; the daughter of Zeus and Metis; the virgin goddess of intellect and invention. Demeter, Ceres. Enyo, Bellona, Gray Sisters, Graiai. Erinys, the Mist-Walking and the Kindly One; punisher of the unfaithful.

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Eros, the primal god of Love; using arrows of gold and lead, he would wound the hearts of mortals and Immortals alike. Eros, Cupid.

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Gorgons, the daughters of Phorkys and Keto Ceto ; with snakes about their heads and wrists, Medusa, Sthenno and Euryale were so hideous, the shock of seeing them would turn anyone to stone. Gorgon, Medusa, Sthenno, Euryale.

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Graces, the daughters of Zeus and Eurynome; the attendants of Aphrodite goddess of Love and the incarnations of Grace and Charm. Hades, Underworld, Pluto. Hebe, Youth. Helios, the Sun; the son of Hyperion and Eryphaesa; he sees everything his light touches. Helios, Sun God, the Sun.

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