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She was given a major grant from the Arts Council to write her most recent novel, The Russian Jerusalem, a phantasmagoric mix of prose and poetry Carcanet. Russia's national security adviser promises Moscow will 'take into account' officials from Russia, Israel and the United States in Jerusalem. John Bolton threatens 'maximum pressure' on Iran during Jerusalem meeting with Russian and Israeli counterparts.

June 25, pm. The people of Russia, soon after their conversion to Christianity, began performing pilgrimages. The founding of the Russian Consulate — , which would play a signifi- cant role in shaping contemporary Jerusalem, contributed to the construction. In , a Russian consulate was opened in Jaffa to maintain contact with the pilgrims.

At that time, some , pilgrims were visiting Jerusalem each year. Trying to meet other Russians in Jerusalem? On Monday, U. A trilateral meeting. So he fucked a guy last night without getting his name. But that was different.

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Tabby had gone into that knowing full well it was just a hookup. This psycho was trying to make things permanent. It was inconceivable to Tabby that a total stranger was taking so much interest in him.

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What were his motives? What was Memphis up to? God, he wished he was sober right now. He closed his eyes, praying the dizziness subsided. What had he eaten today anyway?

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Tabby felt himself drift off to sleep, only to feel someone trying to lift him from the cot. He could barely hold his head up as it was. But he had to make the attempt at letting Memphis know what he would do. Memphis was three times his size with at least one hundred more pounds over Tabby—all straining muscles, lickable, touchable, straining muscles. Adult Excerpt. As badly as he fought his attraction for the two, Tabby would give his left nut to be loved by one of them. He licked his lips and then his eyes darted up. Tabby wondered if Memphis was going to sneer at him. Most men used Tabby, looked at him as someone to fuck and then toss aside.

No one respected him for the man that he was, and no one ever stuck around long enough afterward to make Tabby feel as though he was truly wanted. That fear kept him from telling these two gorgeous men that he wanted one, or even both, to fuck him. Tabby jumped nervously when he felt a strong hand glide down his back, cupping his ass. He was seriously reconsidering his thought of being with both of them at the same time.

It was a bit intimidating.

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Both of these men were powerful forces, and Tabby was a damn pip-squeak. As soon as the words left his lips, he was lifted from the floor and taken to the bed, where Romano stripped him of his clothes. It was too much. Everything was happening too fast, and Tabby needed room to breathe and think about what was happening to him.

The men were smoking-ass hot and Tabby wanted both of them, but he felt as though he were being swallowed whole as the two men towered over him. Enough was enough. First Memphis got all stalkerish on him and then sniffed him like a damn piece of meat, and now he was being manhandled. No one is forcing you, Tabby. He wanted a say in this. Tabby wanted some control in what was about to happen to him.

To his surprise, both men drew away. His fingers curled around the hard shaft as his tongue swiveled around the angry purple head. He jerked from the contact, feeling his nervousness start to kick in at a high rate of speed. Tabby knew who was behind him. It just felt strange having both of them in the bed with him at the same time.

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Tabby gave a low, deep moan to vocalize his pleasure. There was something sensual about both men touching him, paying him attention. His legs spread wide, his hips canting upward as Romano entered Tabby with his wet fingers. Memphis tasted better than chocolate, which was saying a lot considering Tabby was addicted to the cocoa. Tabby could feel his entrance pulsating as Romano fitted another finger inside of him.

Tabby nodded as he glanced up at Memphis, who was staring down at him in an awed fascination. His own cock was throbbing as pre-cum dripped onto the bed. Tabby had a feeling he was going to come just from the eroticism of the moment alone. Erotic Romance. Mainstream Romance. See More. General Fiction. Register for FREE 1st month. Download your desired books 3. Easy to cancel your membership.

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