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I also recently I think discovered fanfiction and it gave me a whole new outlook on life beyond just voraciously reading. I'm not saying I was nearly as good as some of the fanfiction writers, but good enough that people read what I wrote. What a feeling! Some of the other fanfiction writers were better than the ones out there in the bookstores, in my opinion. I still read them faithfully. It kills me that they're so slow with their updates!

I may not be as good, but I am consistent! I don't mean to go on and on, because except for posting, I've never really "joined" anything on any of the sites. I was just so pleasantly surprised when I read the authors' notes in "Vampire's Dilemma" that they did the same things in pretty much the same ways as I did--and went on from there!

There are so many good stories and a lot of not so good ones, but even those can draw you in--if the story's captivating enough, you can overlook the bad writing! So I just wanted to share that I think it's wonderful that you recognize fanfiction writing and on-line writing in general. Looking forward to more! Tuesday, June 19, Buying a Knit Tit. Sunday, June 17, June Updates.

Vampire's Dilemma has picked up a couple of very nice reviews, and of course since there are 9 stories in this anthology, there's a lot more to say about it. Which was your favorite story? Monday, May 14, If there's a "means" of subscribing missing, please drop a note here so we can fix that. On audible.

I just gave the ftp keys to update the section simegen. People from the Founding who sponsored production of The Farris Channel have now been mailed and emailed notification that the book is available. That is one marvelous advantage to ebooks - you can reread them without wearing out the binding. Sunday, February 19, Progress Reports. Michael Spence has finished the recording of House of Zeor for audible.

Spence has captured the characters, his reading is the best I've ever found in an Audiobook not my usual venue, but I've listened to some to review them. MacLeod does almost , but I listened to Spence with an idiotic grin on my face, pumping my fist in the air, and squelching shrieks of joy in order not to miss the next gorgeous WORDS which I could almost chant with him but didn't want to spoil a moment of it. You haven't read this book until you've heard this guy read it!

It'll be a few weeks until they get it compiled and distributed. Save up to buy it because audiobooks are expensive, but that's for a reason!!!

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These are the flyers Zoe Farris made in Australia! That will be a few months in the making. Jacqueline Lichtenberg. The review column for February is now posted, and books to be reviewed are posted through June Friday, January 20, Monday, January 16, The Farris Channel available in paper edition.

Ebook very soon - in most all popular formats. It is paid for by the New Age magazine, The Monthly Aspectarian, and is published on paper by them, then posted to their website lightworks.

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The archive has been updated, completing postings for with the posting of the review columns for October, November and December. We also now have a set of handy "share" buttons at the top of each page along with the year-date index. Labels: Monthly Aspectarian , Review Column. It is now in the process of being made available Print On Demand -- it's a long book, so the trade paperback will be expensive. It's printed on acid free paper with a very sturdy binding. The e-book edition is likewise moving into the hopper and will appear within a few days, we expect.

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Personal Recognizance: Sime~Gen, Book 9

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Personal Recognizance (Sime~Gen, Book 9)

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