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The record in Washington State supports that argument. Brand New,. House of Representatives has become more moderate. April 30, — U. Supreme Court Tekno Holland No. TeamC Alu Querlenkerhalter 2-teilig l r Comp. Onroad TMC-T,. Republicans said redistricting hurt them.

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Suit quotes Rep. Both the alphabetic and phonographic modes may be employed together, in the betokening of the same language; as they are in English, when we betoken any of the numerical words, such as three, four, five, by Arabic numerals, 3, 4, 5, among other words betokened by letters. Language so betokened to the sight by visible marks, maj be called Sight-speech. By a slight modification of the sight-speech, it has been made intelligible through the touch instead of the sight, so that it may be read by the blind.

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Language betokened by visible types for the sight, or by tangible ones for the touch may be cdled Type-language. There is another mode of betokening facts and ideas — that of signals and tokens for the hearing and sight; and although it caimot be rightly called language, it is often a good substitute for true breathsoimd speech as well as type- language. Of such signals are hoisted flags, of different forms or colours, by day, or lights by night; to declare to others, on shore or sea, their bearers' nation ; or an admiral's orders ; or a crew's wants; such as was Nelson's signal, ''England expects every man to do his duty.

Of such tokens are armorial bearings, which announce to beholders, who can read the symbols of heraldry, the rank and family of those who bear them. Of such tokens are the uniform and badges of soldiers, which show to what regiment they belong, and the rank they. Of such tokens is the black apparel of mourning, which announces its wearer's loss of kmdred by death; and the wedding-ring, which betokens a woman's wifehood, or her mourning weeds of woe, which show her widowhood. These symbols or tokens, although they fulfil the office of words, are not truly language, inasmuch as they are not breathsounds or tokens of them.

They are loose tokens of propositions, which may be given in sundry forms of words. There is said to be, however, something of a half- language in the form of symbols of flowers ; and inasmuch as the flowers, which may be known as symbols of words or propositions, may be distinguished by the smell as well as sight, insomuch they may be read through the sense of smell. In type-language the dead outgiver of it still speaks through a long series of days and years, to later men of many genera- tions ; and the thoughts of a mind on one side of an ocean, or of the earth, may be communicated to one on the other, unparoeived by any soul in its passage between them.

In type-language our. By type-language the lonely guidepost and milestone tell the traveller which road to take on the darksome heathy and the length of it that lies before him. In the Grammar of a language, in the type form, it is usual to handle it in four divisions. Orthography, Etymology, Syntax, and Prosody, though in its first form, that of breath- sound-language, it has only three of those divisions. Etymo- logy, Syntax, and Prosody. Orthography is the science of the visible or tangible marks, which betoken the breathsounds of a language to the sight or touch; or, in other words.

Orthography is the science of the spelling of the breath- sounds of a language. The marks that spell words, or that betoken to the sight or touch, the pure breathsounds, and the motions of the organs of speech, in the articulate breathsounds, are called Letters. The letters taken to spell the words of a language are called the Alphabet of the language. The letters that spell the pure breathsounds, as such, oor as they are embodied in clipped breathsounds, are called Vowels.

From the Latin vocaliSy belonging to the voice, vox; because they are letters of pure voice-sounds. The open sounds are so called, because they are made with the tongue and undeijaw more open from the palate than the close ones.

Long Close Sounds. Short Ooae Sounds, 1 ee as in meet. The t in dip, fit, clearly diflTers from t in wit, kitten; but it is markworthy that, although the sounds 1, 3, and 4, are found both short and long, in the national speech of our books, yet we now own the sound 2 only as a short one ; and therefore that our book language wants one of the 16 vowel sounds : but, as it still lingers in some of her rustic dialects, we may believe she once owned it, and has lost it; and it would be worth while to inquire, through the dialects of West Saxony and the German language, whether the long sound.

The division of the close and open sounds is set between the sound of ea in earth, and that of a in father, because, in uttering the long sounds in succession, the tongue and under jaw are found to open wider from the palate between those two than any other two sounds, and because a division between those two leaves 4 close and 4 open ones. Long Open Sounds. The sound of the i long, as in life, is a combination of two vowel-sounds, the 4th and Ist short dose ones; and the u in duty is a combination of the 1st short close one and the 4th short open one. The letters that spell the motions of the organs of speech in the clipped breathsounds are called Consonakts.