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If you think financial capital is all you need for happiness, think again.

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According to Danah Zohar, a physicist, philosopher, and management thinker, and Ian Marshall, a Jungian-oriented psychiatrist, capitalist culture and the global business that extends from it are not sustainable. Zohar and Marshall call for leaders to use their "spiritual intelligence" to create spiritual capital.

About Spiritual Capital

The authors say that accepting the notion of spiritual capital also means rethinking some conventional philosophical underpinnings of capitalism. Their book offers a couple of scenarios.

Capitalism as we know it today-an amoral culture of short-term self-interest, profit maximization, emphasis on shareholder value, isolationist thinking, and profligate disregard of long-term consequences-is an unsustainable system, a monster set to consume itself. Danah Zohar and Ian Marshall argue that a critical mass of individuals acting from higher motivations can make a difference. They offer a radically new philosophy for corporate governance that alters the meaning and purpose of business and wealth creation.

They describe a values-based business culture that focuses on the accumulation of ospiritual capitalo rather than material capital. Rather than strictly benefiting shareholders, spiritual capital benefits all stakeholders-including the whole human race, present and future, and the planet itself. Spiritual capital nourishes and sustains the human spirit.

Danah Zohar and Ian Marshall introduce the concept of spiritual intelligence SQ , and describe how it can be used to shift individuals and our culture from a state of acting from lower motivations fear, greed, anger, and self-assertion to one of acting from higher motivations exploration, cooperation, power-within, mastery, and higher service.