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The images of religions are blurred; the weakening of Catholicism is continuing; the system of Christian beliefs is gradually coming apart; recompositions of beliefs are under way, the belief in life after death being no longer always associated with a Christian vision.

Parallel beliefs about the understanding of the future also seem to be developing and they are affecting in particular Catholics who are slightly at odds with their institution. The realm of religion is less regulated by Catholicism but one does not see a new systematized religious system emerging.

The attitudes of the French still remain markedly organized around the couple Catholicism-irreligion, and the increase of irreligion explains for the most part the decline of traditional values.

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On peut penser que. Elle fait preuve de beaucoup de recul critique. Quatre questions permettent de mesurer assez finement la croyance en Dieu. Tous les pratiquants sont nettement des croyants.

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On est dans un univers de croyances communes dans le christianisme. Signalons quelques traits saillants de la population croyante. Les sans religion rejettent plus souvent ce type de croyance. Vincent Callebaut works on the integration of plus-energy skyscrapers producing by solidarity most energy than they consume for the historical surrounding areas.

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At the end of the year, he proposes with his project Aequorea a new concept of "oceanscraper" 3D printed from ocean trash. In order to protect the marine life and create a new Seamen civilization for climate refugees, this submarine city fights against the oceans acidification and the oceans plastic pollution. By Greenroofs. Since the beginning of the year, the company develops big ecological projects in Cairo, Egypt, and in New Delhi, India with local developers.

In , establishing his sterling reputation as practitioners of sustainable architecture, Vincent Callebaut is selected to be in the list of the Top 50 Sustainable Architecture Award Members of the Green Planet Architects. For the documentary presented by Arte Television called "Future by Starck", he is selected to illustrate the future of our ecological cities.

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His company is invited on several international competitions in all the emergent countries. In , Time Magazine has referred to his work as the best eco-utopian architect: "Imagining fantastical projects that address the world's environmental and social ills. This ecological tower called "Agora Garden" is under construction and will be delivered in In , the main sustainable projects of Vincent Callebaut are exhibited at the World Expo at Shanghai in 7 pavilions to illustrate the future of Ecopolises of tomorrow.


In New York City, he creates the first emblematic eco-concept of Urban Farming called "Dragonfly, a metabolic farm for urban agriculture". He is confirmed as one of the most important leader in green architecture and low carbon emission living.

From New York to Hong Kong crossing Brussels and Paris, Vincent Callebaut proposes with determination and conviction prospective and ecological projects by insufflating locally dialogs and meetings that try to raise our questionings on the society in which we live as citizen of a global world! For the Principality of Monaco, Vincent Callebaut designs his self-sufficient manifest project called "Lilypad, a floating Ecopolis for Climate Refugees".

fensterstudio.ru/components/map3.php During the same year, the Edition Company Damdi of Seoul dedicated to him at the age of 28 its first architecture monograph detailing the story of his awarded and exhibited projects during worldwide spontaneous proposals and international competitions. Then, thanks to the bursary Leonardo da Vinci attributed by the European Community, he decided to live in Paris to extend its critical thinking and its spatial inventiveness during two years of internship in agencies that fascinate him Odile Decq Benoit Cornette Architectes Urbanistes, Massimiliano Fuksas.

Stock, Bild der Wissenschaft, by Klaus Jacob, p. Pribnow, A. Vogel, J.